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Quicktow is a leading tilt tray transport company in Melbourne.

We have been operating since 1998 where we have been providing first class services and safe transport for a range of machinery, industrial equipment, vehicles and other items like forklifts, shipping containers, caravans and boats.

Our focus, here at Quicktow, is to provide a service that incorporates safety procedures, building trust within our workplace, with government authorities and with our customers.
We service all of the Melbourne metropolitan region and cater for any tilt tray transport requirements from Melbourne to all of Victoria regional areas as well as some interstate requirements.

Quicktow takes safety seriously with regular safety procedure training with all of its members and regular safety checks on all of its transport trucks. We also adhere to other companies occupational, health and safety requirements.
Quicktow has been trusted by families and businesses alike for almost two decades. We understand the concerns and the trauma that can go with it when you are handing your pride and joy over to someone for protective transport. This is why Quicktow invests in only the best drivers to take care of your pride and joy. Our promise is to never let you down.
Quicktow’s values are what our customers expect. Integrity, first class service, safety at all levels and leaving the minimum footprint on the environment as possible for a transport company.
Our mission is to maintain leadership within the transport industry without jeopardising our values and pro active environmental policies. For a successful business we know that we need to have happy and content customers.
Our environmental policy guidelines are to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by regularly servicing our trucks and upgrading them at the earliest possible time.


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    Service was great and my caravan that I bought on Ebay arrived from Sale in one piece and on time. I will use Quicktow again when needed.
    Cliff Barton